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Tondo - our new line


Our new line impresses through its versatility. Tondo is suitable for every atmosphere and can transform for special events its face.
First you select between following lamp bases: silver - copper - nickel - black
Then you can choose between the colours of the different rings like gold - copper - silver.
Finally you have a big range of glasses: clear, white/opaque, coloured and piccolo.
Depending on the size of the glasses following refills are suitable: 50V, 60A

Tondo silver
Tondo silver 8T1478B 065
Tondo copper
Tondo copper 8T1494B 065*
Tondo nickel
Tondo nickel 8T1475B 065
Tondo black
Tondo black 8T1480B 066
Tondo Piccolo silver
Tondo Piccolo silver 8T1478B 165
Tondo Piccolo copper
Tondo Piccolo copper 8T1494B 166*

Tondo Piccolo nickel
Tondo Piccolo nickel 8T1475B 166
Tondo Piccolo black
Tondo Piccolo black 8T1480B 165

Tondo black
Tondo black 8T1480B 60A 090

*On request: while stocks last!