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Advantages: Miracle Lamp

Wonderful Light

Works like candle light, but lasts longer: The Candola system: Safety lamp with natural candlelight, longer burning time and consistently sound quality.

Why Candola table lamps?

  • Safety lamp! The flame goes out as soon as the table lamp falls over
  • Assembly system allows the use of individual lamps, glasses and covering
  • Far longer burning time than candles (up to 120 hours)
  • Time and cost savings, high efficiency
  • No wax residues!
  • Special wick allows complete emptying of the refill
  • Thanks to clean oil there is no smoke or soot
  • Highest level of safety through the Candola System
  • Tested quality certified by independent institutes.
  • Special burner prevents misuse (by toddlers)
  • Use of a special, odourless mineral oil, therefore not disturbing for guests
  • Refill bottle is invisible
  • Big selection of different designs
  • Input of different product designers for new lamp designs
  • Excellent, neat appearance
  • Can also be equipped with Mosquito Stop

Simple but exceptional operating principle.


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