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Table Lamps with real flame &

stain-resistant Linen

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Large diversity of waiter´s aprons with branding available

Enjoyable table culture

Candola products have many advantages for a gastronomer and his guests: Miracle Lamp table lights are safe in usage, cost saving and cleaner than conventional candles. Additionally with the Mosquito-Stop we have an unique product to protect against annoying mosquitos effectively.
Magic Linen table cloth is stain resistant and therefore time and cost saving. Our fabrics are available in many different designs and colours and can be personalized for your needs. Furthermore our range includes high quality paper napkins, menus and other Horeca products.

Miracle Lamp Magic Linen Advantages


    GAST Salzburg, HALLE 10, STAND 0301 10. - 14.11.2018
    Prag for Gastro & Hotel 4. - 7.10.2018
    SIRHA Lyon – Halle 6, Stand G7B12 26. - 30.01.2019